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Illustration collective founded by the three Lambert sisters

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Big Brown Eyes is a comic and illustration collective I founded in 2015 with my two sisters, Emily Dixon and Freya Lambert. Together we self-publish illustration anthologies, comic books and zines which we tour at comic fairs across the country.

Big Brown Eyes: Photo Gallery
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Our work often features short comics based on life experiences, and we are each heavily influenced by mythology, western cartoons and the indie comic scene, which we express in different ways.

Our books are currently stocked at the Travelling Man in Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester and York. You can also buy them from our online shop here.

I have also self-published three of my own books: Cats and Wine (2015), Doubt and Gravy (2017) and Osaka to Tokyo (2018).

Big Brown Eyes: About
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Touring comic fairs across the UK over the past five years has been incredible.

In every event I've met lovely new people, discovered new art styles and have been inspired to keep creating fresh new material for our collective.

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Buy books by Big Brown Eyes


If you would like to browse our illustrated books, you can find them on our Etsy shop here.

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For any inquiries for Big Brown Eyes or to get involved in our next anthology, please contact us via email at

Alternatively you can follow us on Instagram and Twitter under @bbecollective or check out our blog here.

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