Pen and ink drawings



I visited Japan in summer 2017 and it inspired me to create a set of illustrations of the scenery and city life there.

The black and white, pen and ink illustrations explore scenes in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo with some digital touches added in afterwards.

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Pen and ink is such a versatile medium: it can give lots of control but it also allows for a lot of experimentation too!

This piece is the first attempt at Japanese calligraphy writing by my boyfriend which I then drew over. I love the difference in textures and it's one of my favourite pieces from this collection.



Art book based on my collection of illustrations of Japan


I published the Japan illustrations in a limited edition art book in 2018. The book contained 24 full-page drawings, cover to cover, in a limited colour palette.

The book was limited to 50 copies sold worldwide, and was published in September 2018. It has now sold out but you can still view its contents below!

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Take away pieces from the Japan collection


Four selected drawings of my Japan collection and book are available to buy on my Etsy shop here. They are available in A4 and A3 to suit your space perfectly.



I'll be creating more travel drawings based on other countries I've visited soon - stay tuned for more information!


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