A public art festival coming to Manchester in 2021



A unique art experience coming to Manchester from 11th January to 31st March 2021.

We’ll be celebrating paper-based contemporary art in an exhibition across four venues: the Manchester Central Library, Manchester Cathedral, The Portico Library and Clockwork.

Collage, cut-outs, painting, print and interdisciplinary art will make up the varied collection on display made by a range of brilliant UK-based artists. You can get involved in interactive artwork and installation, and take part a series of creative events during the festival.

Expect an immersive and playful experience that can be enjoyed at any age.

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80 artists. 1 festival.

Paper Festival showcases a range of artwork from over 80 British and international artists who use paper as part of their practice. 

This includes the artists involved in the Bee in the City art trail in 2018, and its curator Karis Lambert.

Work ranges from the bold and immersive - including mural-sized collage, hanging installation and metre wide prints - to the delicate and subtle. From collage to print, painting to sculpture, and UV installation to taxidermy, the artwork on show is common only in its capacity to delight.

The festival can be enjoyed by adults and families alike.




‘Stitched Memories’ is inspired by the recently inherited journal of the artist's great-grandfather during his time stationed in Gibraltar in World War II. His words and handwriting have been stitched onto A5 paper and sewn together to create a concertina style book.

One side displays the neat, intricate stitches and the reverse exposes the knotted thread ends. This medium of thread on paper allowed Rowan to explore the conflict of the professional, measured outer appearance and the chaotic emotions within that the soldier experiences.

Instagram: rowan.bridgwood



Jonny Bentley takes 360 degree photography prints capturing his world from a different perspective.

A prolific artist in Manchester, Jonny photographs prestigious events around the city centre, including the Bee in the City art trail which gained him a lot of popularity in the Manchester art scene.


Instagram and Twitter: jonnybentley360

Jonny Bentley 2.jpeg
Laura Brenchley.jpeg



"I love it when you have to look closer at an article or object to see what or how it was created. My work plays with this idea often surprising the observer and challenging the concept of collage."

As a self taught artist, Laura is inspired by nature and uses entirely recycled magazines to create these fine art animal portraits. The colour and texture of cut paper plays a large role in her work as she tries to capture the different textures of the British wildlife portrayed, leading to a characterful portrait as seen in this stunning piece 'Otter'. 

Laura was involved in a large-scale community art project Advent Windows in Sept- Dec 2019.

Instagram: Laura_brenchley


UV Painting

Jessica Kadel is an artist based in Chester, whose work stems from her studies in Fine Art at Lancaster University.

These pieces explore memories and how they can be distorted over time. These realistic paintings are referencing the artist's childhood photographs which have been inverted, made with paint that glows under UV light.


Instagram: jessicakadelart

Jess Kadel 3.jpg
Philip Westcott.jpg



Philip Westcott is a painter who captures the everyday life of everyday people in Salford and greater Manchester. The subject matter reminiscent of Lowry's work.

The point of view in these paintings makes you feel like an observer to these familiar strangers, like in this piece 'It's the Small Things That Matter'.




Nicoleta is currently working with Manchester Library's archives to create a new piece of work for this exhibition.

The artist's work considers how we relate to time, and how do archiving practices are involved in forming self-perception and notions of belonging. Merging material from archives, digital and analogue found images, Nicoleta works by layering through collage, paper models and photographic still life work. 


Instagram: nicoletapapax



Paper Festival is currently looking for commercial sponsorship for the exciting public-facing exhibition in Manchester city centre.

Being a sponsor means your branding will be featured prominently on all marketing materials and at the festival itself. Sponsorship will cover installation costs, equipment, and event delivery including food and drink at the opening night.

If you would like to enquire about sponsorship, please email to arrange a chat.



Hello from Paper Festival HQ

I'm Karis Lambert, the curator and organiser of Paper Festival.

You'll be able to view my new collection of work at the exhibition in Manchester Central Library. This will be alongside many other fantastic paper-based artworks that I've hand-picked for the festival!

I have made Greater Manchester my home during the past three years and have fallen in love with the inclusive creative energy of the city and surrounding towns. Paper Festival is my way of collecting artwork I love and displaying them for other people to enjoy. I also want to help artists like myself gain more publicity and opportunities to promote and sell their work.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about sponsorship, artist applications or press enquiries.

Otherwise, I wish you a warm welcome to Paper Festival and hope you enjoy it! 



Stay up-to-date with Paper Festival, and be the first to know about our events, news and curated artwork!

Newsletters will be a short, sweet, once-in-a-while treat to keep you up to date with Paper Festival's progress.
Expect news, art, behind-the-scenes insights and ways you can get involved.


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